Tour Rules and Regulations

  • Fully comprehensive insurance/European cover is a MUST as RAC/AA will not cover assistance in Eire - you are in a European country! An EHIC card is also required for personal injury and health cover for rider AND pillion - these can be obtained from any Post Office free of charge.
  • Full UK licence must be held as some motorway work is necessary on ALL tours.
  • As travel in N Ireland is governed by UK law, the Highway Code/speed limits MUST be adhered to.
  • Whilst in Eire, RSA's rules WILL be adhered to - Garda (Police) take a very dim view of violators of the "Rules of the Road", their equivalent of the Highway Code. (NB: Copies of Rules of the Road are available from us prior to the tour or for reading whilst on the outward ferry.)
  • Northern Tours take NO RESPONSIBILITY for violators of the road rules/drink driving - you are responsible for your own conduct, therefore if you encounter the Police/Garda and are in contravention of any laws YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!
  • The riding 'order' will be set at the beginning of the day, please keep to it. If you have any issues, please see below.


ANY issues are to be reported to your Tour Guide. These will be dealt with accordingly and to the best of our ability asap. If complaints are persistently received regarding riders conduct either on or off the road, they will be told to take no further part in the tour and to leave with immediate effect. NO REFUND will be given in these circumstances.


As mentioned above, by signing up for this tour, it is your break away with your motorcycle - please ensure to ride as safely as possible, bear in mind your pillion, machine and other people, and stick to the rules. Tour Guide included, we are here to enjoy ourselves so make it enjoyable for everyone!

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