Is 'Bike Hire' necessary?

Not if you have your own 'bike and its road-legal!

If you are using your own 'bike, it must have a current MOT certificate if over 3 years old, valid insurance and road tax. Proof of which will be necessary on your first visit, be it either the CBT course or if you have completed that elsewhere, definitely on your initial lesson. You may use your own 'bike for DVSA, but it will mean us coming to you or someone with a full licence bringing the 'bike to the office.

Storage is available if you struggle to transport your 'bike to us on a regular basis, so room permitting, we don't mind looking after it until you pass your test or make alternative arrangements.

If you don't have your own, we have machines available for hire from 50cc Kymco mopeds, 125cc Benellis or Hondas for CBT or A1 training, up to 500cc Honda CB500F's for A2, Honda CBF600's for Direct Access. The hire price is incorporated into the lesson fee, so there are no hidden extras!

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