Motorbike Maintenance

Over the years, I have been asked many times if anyone does such a course, but no colleges/further education establishments do... so now I have the facilities I decided to do one! It's called the Powders and Bolts course.

I've been around bikes/cars/engines since I can remember (typical bloke...), I've always done everything I can to my own vehicles, so I decided to pass on the things I've learnt to others in the hope they can keep their own running costs down. More recently, I gave my CB750 F2 Honda a complete nuts 'n' bolts ground-up rebuild (pictured) - I think I made a pretty good job of it!

Rebuilt Honda

The course is purely basics to help point out some of the more common problems of motorcycles - we go through things mentioned on CBT but in a bit more detail, from how to check your chain for correct adjustment to really simple things like how to fit a bulb properly.

The evenings are run approximately fortnightly depending upon demand, so feel free to ring and book yourself on - like minded people talking bikes - what more could you want?

Maintenance Instructor Andy
Bike Maintenance

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