Why do I have to do the Theory Test?

Sorry, but if you want another category on your licence, you must do the theory test for that classification - no way around that one! Remember, the Highway Code is updated regularly and even the most experienced road user could be caught out by the changes if they do not posess an up-to-date edition.

More apologies, but a still-valid car theory doesn't cover you for 'bikes, it's a separate set of questions with different priorities. Like the CBT and Test Pass certificates, it is valid for 2 years, so if you do not continue in that timescale and it expires, you'll have to do it again. The fee is currently £23.00.

We have books and DVD's available for loan, your local library may have material also, but do make sure the DSA logo is on the cover, otherwise it may be a cheaper imitation which may not have the correct info or answers.

You can also practice 'on-line' at gov.uk and follow the links. When you feel you are ready, you can then book on-line but be warned - there is no reduced fee for re-sits! The theory test is conducted in Kendal, Barrow, Preston or Carlisle six days a week.

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"A huge thank you for getting me through my test and putting up with all the hissy fits regarding those bloody u-turns! You've been very patient and made me laugh a lot. Take care.
Tracy (October '06)"