What is CBT?

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training, which everyone who wants to ride a motorcycle or moped has to complete to validate the provisional entitlement on their licence.

The courses are run in grounds of Queen Katherine School during weekends and school holidays, and in Barrow seven days a week. The certificate is issued when both the instructor AND the candidate feel they have reached a standard of competence to ride unaccompanied on the roads. If you feel that you are not ready for the road and more training is required, there may be a minimal charge if you want or need to come back as the course is run at your own pace, not ours!

If you do not have a 'bike or equipment, these can be supplied at a minimal charge incorporated into the package. Mopeds, 125's, helmets and gloves are available upon request if necessary. The only other thing we don't look after is your stomach - the CBT course is usually an all-day session, so bring a butty or two!

The day starts with an eyesight test, then we make sure you have the necessary entitlement on your driving licence - AM or P licence category for mopeds (the other main requirement is a sense of humour...). Next we talk about the correct equipment and clothing before you are then taken through the controls and how they work, after which we then go through some 'bike maintenance', finally onto some basic manouevres in the safety of our off-road site.

When you have completed the off-road element, you are then taken onto the roads under radio contact with a fully-qualified instructor. Two trainees to one instructor is is the LEGAL maximum, and whilst out you will need to demonstrate a basic level of control to obtain your DL196, the 'Certificate of Competence' to ride on your own.

By giving you the basic understanding of motorcycle skills, you are then allowed to ride unaccompanied displaying red 'L' plates on a machine not exceeding 125cc. However, you will not be able to take a pillion passenger or go on a motorway and the certificate has a life span of 2 years. If you do not pass you motorcycle test within these 2 years you will need to retake the CBT course.


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