What is 'Post-Test Training'?

This is open to anyone regardless of what they ride, from an automatic to a sports-bike. We will initially take you on an assessment ride to identify strengths or weaknesses in your ability, then try to improve the way you handle your bike.

It could range from rebuilding confidence - your own or in the machine especially after a break from riding, whatever the reason - to re-honing rusty riding after a long gap due to a serious 'off' or to the 'Babs'.......the Born Again Biker Syndrome......even the return of your licence after a ban (not a lot of people admit to that one...!).

We work from the Police 'Roadcraft' book, (obviously without including the 'Blues and Two's' speeds), but certainly with the approach to more confident, fluent riding skills, possibly working towards membership of the local Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) group. Andy, the proprietor, is an active founder member and Senior Observer with MBEAM, being Morecambe Bay Estuaries Advanced Motorcyclists, a solus group of the IAM.

The courses are run to again suit your needs on a timescale that fits in with your work or other commitments......everything is (hopefully) covered, from motorway-speed riding to slow speed manouevreability in town traffic.

Check out www.mbeam.org.uk there you'll quickly realise the IAM image of 'BMW, Sam Browne, pipe and slippers brigade' no longer exists.........Augustus Windsock has long since passed on, some of the observers now use Fireblades!

Bike Handling

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